Action Required: Migrate to Cobo Argus V2 by August 31, 2023

Dear Cobo Argus Users,

We are writing to inform you that Cobo Argus V1 will be discontinued at 23:59  (UTC+8) on August 31, 2023.

To ensure uninterrupted access to Cobo Argus services, we kindly request you to migrate your accounts from Cobo Argus V1 to Argus V2 by 23:59 (UTC+8) on August 31, 2023. Note that you will no longer be able to access Cobo Argus V1 after this time.

How to migrate my account from Cobo Argus V1 to V2?

Step 1: Go to the Cobo Argus V2 login page.

Step 2: Log in using the same credentials you used to access Cobo Argus V1.

Step 3: Import the Safe{Wallet} that was previously imported to Cobo Argus V1 into Argus V2.

  • Gas Account balances and settings under “Team Management” will be automatically ported over to Argus V2.
  • Your strategy authorizations and DeFi bots in Cobo Argus V1 will not be automatically ported over to Argus V2. Please create and configure a new Cobo Safe Module as well as set up new DeFi bots (if applicable).

What is Cobo Argus V2?

Launched in June 2023, Cobo Argus V2 brings even more powerful features in DeFi strategies authorization, team role delegation, and risk management. Notably, Cobo Argus V2 introduces a broader spectrum of DeFi bots, offering advanced functionalities such as automated harvesting, leverage adjustment, and liquidity withdrawals. Developed meticulously by the Cobo team over a span of ten months, Argus V2 empowers organizations and teams with seamless DeFi access and unparalleled workflow efficiency. To learn more about Cobo Argus V2, please refer to our product manuals.  

Should you encounter any issues during the migration, please contact us via email at [email protected]. Thank you for your continued support!

Cobo Support
August 24, 2023