Announcement of Discontinuation of Custody Sandbox

Dear Cobo Custody Customer,

In our pursuit of providing more stable and efficient testing services, we would like to inform you that the Custody Sandbox will be deactivated by August 30, 2023. Instead, the Development will be introduced for testing purposes.

To ensure the uninterrupted progress of your testing operations, we kindly request you to proactively initiate the migration of your assets if you have a sandbox account and are still using it. After the specified date, the Custody Sandbox will no longer be accessible.

Migration Process:

1、Prepare an email account that has not been registered in the Custody Development.

2、Contact Cobo Customer Service Officer within the group to request the activation of your Custody Development account.

3、Once activated, transfer the balances from your Sandbox to the Development.

We genuinely appreciate your support and understanding in this matter. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Cobo Support
August 14, 2023