Announcement on Delisting LUNC and USTC Tokens

Dear Cobo Users,

In order to provide users with a better experience of using Cobo, Cobo will delist LUNC (TERRA_LUNA) and USTC (TERRA_UST) tokens at 18:00 on September 19 2022. Hence Cobo will suspend LUNC (TERRA_LUNA) and USTC (TERRA_UST) token services.

Cobo is determined to provide users with a safe, smooth and convenient experience. With changes in market conditions, some token project parties no longer conduct project development, or their market popularity and number of users have dropped significantly. Therefore, Cobo will establish a token delisting system. When the project and its tokens cannot meet the conditions, the token delisting procedure will be initiated.

Cobo will have the right to initiate a token delisting procedure in 2022 when the following events occur:

1. The official website of the project party cannot be opened for a long time.
2. The project product is abnormal and has not been resolved for a long time.
3. The project party has acts of immorality, fraud, concealment of important information, and violation of other people's assets.
4. The project party is suspected of engaging in legal risks such as money laundering.
5. The project party has not publicly updated the project progress for a long time.
6. Disband the project operation team, or take the initiative to request to go offline.
7. The project party has major security risks, such as hacker attacks.
8. The project party has other behaviours that affect the normal operation of Cobo, or cause adverse effects on Cobo.
9. Other circumstances sufficient for delisting.

If you have any other questions, please notify us in time.

Cobo Support
September 17,2022