Cobo Argus Community Update – November 2023

Cobo Argus Community Update – November 2023

Hey DeFi Lovers,

Over the past month, we have been continuously improving Cobo Argus through expanded integrations and enhanced user experience, with efforts aimed to make Cobo Argus more interoperable, accessible, and user-friendly.

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Without further ado, let's take a look at the latest updates for November!

Product Updates

1) Cobo Argus integrates with Cobo Accounts

  • Cobo Argus has integrated with Cobo Accounts, providing clients with a unified system for registrations and logins. This integration is meticulously designed to enhance user convenience without disrupting the existing experience.

2) Cobo Argus now supports more DeFi protocols

  • Lybra: Leverage Bots for Lybra's stETH vault & wstETH vault. These bots enable automatic leverage adjustments, providing clients with a proactive risk management solution in response to security risks.
  • GMX: Single-Sig Authorization for GMX V2. Users may now delegate pre-authorised deposits and withdrawals on GMX pools using Safe’s multi-sig wallet, simplified with single-sig transactions.
  • MakerDAO: DAI-USDC Withdrawal Bot for MakerDAO. This withdrawal bot can monitor the PSM balance on MakerDAO. Once the PSM balance falls below the specified threshold, it will safely and automatically swap DAI for USDC.
  • Curve: crvUSD-sDAI Claiming Bot & Single-Sig Authorization for Curve. Delegated members are now able to stake and provide liquidity in the crvUSD-sDAI LP pool on Curve. Executed with a single-sig transaction. With Claiming Bots, users are now able to claim rewards automatically as well.

Ecosystem Partners

Cobo Argus has joined the mainstream DeFi protocol’s ecosystem, becoming a part of its collaborative network:

DeFi users can now access Cobo Argus services through the above listing links. We will continue working on integrating and getting listed on other ecosystems as well. Stay tuned for more exciting collaborations!

Latest Integrations

  • ParaSwap x Cobo Argus - We have integrated ParaSwap into Cobo Argus and allow users to perform swaps with the best market-rate across all DEXes. Read more here.
  • Phalcon x Cobo Argus - We're introducing a joint solution with Phalcon for LPs to withdraw funds in time before a protocol initiates a pause transaction. By incorporating Phalcon’s attack monitoring and automated blocking system into Cobo Argus’s on-chain role-based access control, LP funds will stay further protected and withdrawn in time before the liquidity pool of a DeFi protocol freezes. Find out more.

That’s it for the November issue of Cobo Argus Community Update! We deeply appreciate your support and encourage you to stay engaged with our community. Got a burning question or some spicy feedback? Slide into our DMs on Discord and let's connect!

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