Cobo Argus Community Update – October 2023

Cobo Argus Community Update – October 2023

Hey Cobo Argus family! 👋

Here’s the October issue of our Argus Community Update! Over the past month, we've made several enhancements to the Argus platform. We’ll highlight the key recent updates and changes to Cobo Argus so you can utilize its full range of capabilities.

Let's explore what's new in October! 👀

Product Updates

1) Cobo Argus Introduces Product Optimizations and a Brand-New Interface Upgrade

  • Single-sig authorizations and DeFi bots are now strategically organized across two dedicated webpages: Liquidity Farming and Trading. Based on their investment objectives, users can navigate to the respective page to configure relevant single-sig authorizations and DeFi bots effortlessly.
  • Argus has introduced the new Transaction Bundle feature: designated team members can complete their single-sig transactions individually, and these transactions can then be bundled together for multi-sig confirmation by Safe Owner(s).
  • On the Argus platform, users can switch to a Safe{Wallet} to directly manage all relevant single-sig authorizations and DeFi bots associated with the selected Safe{Wallet}.

Cobo Argus will aim to enhance collaboration for organizations with improved usability and security. Click here to find out more.

2) Cobo Argus now includes built-in Webhook support

  • Webhook support now offers users enhanced flexibility in engaging with Argus bots. Users can either develop a customized on-chain monitoring mechanism or opt for external monitoring service providers. They can then use Webhook to call the Cobo Argus bots, enabling advanced on-chain data monitoring tailored to their customized mechanisms. This approach extends the monitoring capabilities beyond the standard services provided by Cobo Argus.

3) Newly Added Integrations:

  • Networks: Base, Mantle, Gnosis
  • Others: Lybra v2 single-sig authorizations & Pendle-Equilibria farming bot

Latest Integrations

  • Mantle Network x Cobo Argus - Cobo Argus now supports Mantle Network. With Argus' customizable bots, users can automate DeFi investing strategies on Mantle Network, maximizing returns and minimizing risks. The ability to automate investment strategies makes DeFi trading much more efficient. Read more.

That’s it for the October issue of Cobo Argus Community Update! We deeply appreciate your support and encourage you to stay engaged with our community. Got a burning question or some spicy feedback? Slide into our DMs on Discord and let's connect!

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