Cobo Argus New Design is officially live!

Dear Cobo Argus User,

Since its launch in June 2023, Cobo Argus V2 has provided powerful on-chain collaboration and more flexible risk control settings for numerous institutions and DeFi teams. This has earned Argus V2 high recognition from institutional users.

During this period, the Argus product team has been heads-down gathering user feedback , taking a customer-driven approach to iterating on the product. Key insights covered usage habits, DeFi protocol configuration paths, DeFi bot preferences, wallet preferences, and more. Throughout this process, the product team has received many excellent optimization suggestions from our customers.

Based on qualitative data that has been collected  straight from the source,  the Argus product team has responded with targeted UX upgrades across the board. The goal is to elevate Argus to the next level as a team-based DeFi asset management tool when it comes to usability, convenience and security.  We believe that the new design of Argus will bring users a smoother and more convenient team collaboration experience.

Highlights of this new version design include:

1.  Revamped "Strategy and Bot" to "Farming and Trading”:

  • All features related to Yield-Earning DeFi Protocols are now categorized into a portal called "Farming": Users now can configure three services on one page: the Claiming Bot, Withdrawal Bot, and Single-Sig Authorization. This allows for flexible configurations in unified workflows tailored to the different business needs.
  • All features related to DEX DeFi Protocols are categorized under "Trading": Users can complete authorization with just one click on the Trading page .For example you can set up Single-Sig Authorization for 1inch.

The design concept of "All In One" aims to further enhance institutional operational efficiency and provide a seamless investment experience on a global scale.

2.  Newly added Transaction Bundle for Safe Owner(s):

For Safe Owner(s), correctly authorizing Single-Sig Authorization permissions and configuring precise bot trigger conditions and tasks are crucial. In this update:

  • The Admin/Operator roles now are allowed to edit single-sign authorizations and set up bots. After editing, there is an option to "+Add to Transaction Bundle". In this update, Operators are now granted permission to editing configurations.
  • The role of Safe Owner(s) then goes to "Transaction–Transaction Bundle" on Argus to review authorizations and bot configurations that require multi-signatures in batches. After thoroughly reviewing the bundled transaction details, Safe Owner(s) can streamline the signing process by clicking "Submit" to approve the entire batch in one signature flow.  This single confirmation seamlessly submits all queued transactions, optimizing efficiency compared to signing each transaction individually.

The Transaction Bundle ensures that Safe Owner(s) no longer blindly sign, adding an extra layer of security to asset management. Note: Currently, only operations configured in Farming and Trading can be added to the Transaction Bundle. This does not include operations initiated by Customize Authorization and Token Approval.

 3.  Newly added Safe{Wallet} Dropdown Menu and Home page:

  • Users can view total assets, Cobo Safe details, strategy authorizations, and Bot information for a specific Safe{Wallet} on the Home page. Users can also easily switch between different Safe{Wallets} for convenient team management of various assets.

4.  The "Team" menu has been renamed to "Organization", with "Settings" merged into the "Organization". This update aims to further facilitate Admins in managing team members efficiently.

In addition to interface optimizations, Cobo Argus has rapidly supported new DeFi protocols,networks, and wallet integrations recently:

  • Newly Added Networks: Base, Mantle (Gnosis Chain support coming soon)
  • New DeFi Protocols: Lybra v2, Pendle-Equilibria
  • Rabby Wallet Integration: Rabby Wallet is now available for importing into Cobo Argus.  Users have the option to use Rabby for DeFi interactions, further enhancing the overall DeFi experience.

We expect that this revamp will provide users with a smoother and more efficient team collaboration experience. If you encounter any issues as you use the new interface, please feel free to contact us.

Cobo Argus