Cobo Monthly Newsletter - April 2024

Cobo Monthly Newsletter - April 2024


Cobo Integrates Mode Network to Enable Unprecedented Institutional Access

Cobo announced a partnership with Mode Network to offer a comprehensive suite of custody solutions to support the Mode ecosystem. These solutions range from custodial to non-custodial wallets based on multi-party computation (MPC) technology. This strategic collaboration is poised to bolster institutional access within the Mode ecosystem by ensuring secure asset storage for institutions. Furthermore, Cobo will integrate the Mode Network on Cobo Argus, an advanced on-chain digital asset management solution. With this integration, Mode Network users can harness Cobo Argus’s myriad of DeFi strategies and bots to automate yield farming as well as to enhance risk management through on-chain role-based access controls, granular permissions at function and parameter levels, automated risk monitoring, among others. Read more about the partnership here.

Revolutionizing Ethereum Staking and Restaking: Cobo and StakeStone Forge Groundbreaking Alliance

Cobo's cutting-edge Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology has seamlessly integrated into StakeStone's ecosystem, fortifying asset security during deposits and redemptions while ensuring an unparalleled user experience. The collaboration between Cobo and StakeStone marks a significant milestone in Ethereum staking and restaking. By integrating Cobo’s MPC technology, the partnership eliminates single points of failure, setting a new standard for asset security and accessibility in the digital asset landscape. Read more here.

Events And Happenings

Bridging Web2 and Web3: Opportunities for the Payment Industry

We're incredibly grateful to everyone who participated in our recent networking event and panel discussion, co-hosted with HashKey Exchange and RD Technologies during the Hong Kong Web3 Festival. It was inspiring to delve into the evolving landscape of payment solutions bridging Web2 and Web3 and witness firsthand the enthusiasm for pioneering payment infrastructures. For those who missed it, stay tuned – keep an eye on our updates for future opportunities to connect and learn together in this dynamic industry. Read more here.

Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024

Here is a throwback to our panel discussions during Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024! Click on the links below to view the video recording for each respective panel.:

BTC Old Friends Reunion

Following Bitcoin's ETF approval and the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event on 19th April, investors are broadening their horizons beyond Bitcoin's traditional role as digital gold. The introduction of new token standards by emerging protocols has sparked increased interest among investors in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We had the pleasure of hosting an engaging session that brought together both seasoned experts and newcomers in the Bitcoin space. Our discussion delved into the latest technological breakthroughs and anticipated future trends, providing invaluable insights into the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We extend special thanks to our partner host Antalpha Prime, our co-hosts BounceBit, SYS Labs, and ROLLUX, and our supporters Tether Gold, F2Pool, CoinSummer, and, for their invaluable contributions to this event. Click here to view the video montage!

Empowering Institutional Blockchain Adoption: Wallets, Custody & Integrated Accounting

During the week of Token2049 in Dubai, we had the pleasure of sharing the stage with XDC Network and BlockPeer, discussing the critical topics of wallets, custody solutions, and the integration of account practices within the blockchain space. One of many side events held at XDC Dev Center Dubai. Click here for more information!


BlockTempo Interviews Discus Fish: Views on Bitcoin Halving? Shifts in Crypto Mining, Future of Digital Asset Custody, Predicting the Metaverse & AI's Convergence with Blockchain

During the week of Hong Kong Web3 Festival 2024, BlockTempo, a blockchain media outlet from Taiwan, interviewed Discus Fish, the co-founder and CEO of Cobo. In the interview, he talked about his understanding of the market cycles, how the changing landscape of mining affects the market, and shared his current state of mind regarding personal investments. Click here to read the full article.

Discus Fish: Tales of a Seasoned Crypto Miner

During the "BTC Old Friends" event in Hong Kong, Discus Fish, the co-founder and CEO of Cobo, shared interesting stories of early Bitcoin miners with the guests, listing various problems encountered by miners in their ventures, and shared his views on BTC Layer 2 and AI, as well as Cobo's involvement in these areas. Click here to read the full article.

Cobo Crypto Lecture Series | Lesson 5: Exploring the Profound Secrets of Aggregate Signatures

The cryptographic technique "aggregate signatures" is now widely used in the blockchain space. For example, the Beacon Chain in Eth2.0 uses the BLS aggregate signature algorithm, and the Taproot upgrade of Bitcoin has also added support for Schnorr aggregate signatures. This educational piece consists of 4 parts. Click here to read the full article.

  • Concept of aggregate signatures.
  • Differences between aggregate signatures and threshold signatures.
  • Design challenges of aggregate signatures, the security risks they face, and possible countermeasures.
  • BLS aggregate signatures and Schnorr aggregate signatures.