Cobo Monthly Newsletter - January 2024

Cobo Monthly Newsletter - January 2024


Cobo Announces Chain Support For Bahamut Chain

Cobo has announced its chain support for Bahamut chain, an innovative PoSA-powered blockchain platform. Cobo is set to enhance the Bahamut ecosystem by offering essential secure storage as well as deposit and withdrawal services for the native coin, FTN, thereby expanding its already impressive list of supported tokens and chains. Read more here.

BIT Crypto Exchange Partners with Cobo Wallet-as-a-Service for BRC20 Token Trading Zone

BIT, a leading crypto exchange, has partnered with Cobo to launch a BRC20 token spot trading zone, allowing users to showcase their positions and allocations enabled by Cobo's wallet-as-a-service solution. Through this collaboration, users can easily deposit, withdraw, and trade BRC20 tokens on BIT, facilitating seamless participation in the BRC20 token ecosystem. Furthermore, users can also benefit from savings on gas fees when trading, significantly lowering entry barriers for more users to participate. Read more here.

Cobo Partners With Leading Crypto Insurer OneInfinity To Expand Protection For Digital Assets

Cobo has partnered with global insurance provider OneInfinity by OneDegree to provide enhanced insurance coverage for its clients' assets. Cobo clients can now confidently store their digital assets with the added protection of OneInfinity's tailored specie insurance policy. Furthermore, clients can rest assured that Cobo has successfully met OneInfinity's stringent due diligence standards, implementing industry-best practices to safeguard crypto assets against theft and hacks. This reinforces Cobo's standing as a top-tier, licensed, and compliant custody solution provider for institutions. Read more here.

Product Updates

Cobo Argus Now Supports Authorization Strategy for Arbitrum's Equilibria-Pendle-aUSDC Pool

Cobo Argus has introduced a new authorization strategy for Arbitrum’s Equilibria-Pendle-aUSDC pool. This strategy includes single-sig authorization and a claiming bot. Authorized users can deposit and/or withdraw principal from the Equilibria-Pendle-aUSDC pool using a single-sig. Additionally, the claiming bot is designed to automatically retrieve yields on behalf of the user at predetermined intervals. The principal currency for this strategy is USDC, offering an annualized yield of approximately 20%, subject to market fluctuations.

Cobo MPC Wallet Introduces Support for Polkadot Blockchain

Cobo's MPC Wallet has recently undergone an upgrade and now officially supports the Polkadot blockchain. This enhancement enables users to conveniently manage their assets within the Polkadot ecosystem.

Events And Happenings

Cobo Joins Elite Panel with HashKey, Animoca, Sandbox, and VSFG for a Dynamic Discussion in Hong Kong

Earlier this month, Lily Z. King, the COO of Cobo, joined a distinguished panel in Hong Kong featuring experts from Hashkey, Animoca, Sandbox, and VSFG. The session focused on the future of Web3, where industry leaders offered their valuable perspectives. Stay tuned for a summary of the key insights from this discussion, coming soon!

Discus Fish: What to Watch After the Bitcoin Spot ETF in 2024?

Discus Fish, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cobo and a renowned figure among Chinese crypto pioneers, shares his insights on the significant developments to anticipate in 2024 following the approval of the BTC ETF. He delves into various aspects such as regulatory directions, compliance, economic cycles, upcoming trends, and his projections for the next 5-10 years, among other topics. Read the article by Wu Blockchain here.


Crypto Custody Unleashed: A Guide to Fortifying Digital Assets in 2024

As the Bitcoin ETF green light shines on crypto, institutional crypto custody providers stand out as a critical backbone enabling broader institutional participation without compromising security, convenience, or regulatory compliance. The market capitalization for cryptocurrency is in trillions, optimizing digital asset storage takes on new urgency. In this piece, we discuss the landscape of digital assets, types of custody solutions for institutions, and how to safeguard your crypto in preparation for 2024. Read more here.