Cobo Partners with ParaSwap to Enhance Digital Asset Management

Cobo Partners with ParaSwap to Enhance Digital Asset Management

As a globally trusted leader in digital asset custody solutions, Cobo is excited to announce a new partnership with ParaSwap, a leading DeFi aggregator in the Web3 space. This integration will enable two major enhancements for Cobo users. Firstly, the Cobo ecosystem will be adding full support for PSP, the native utility token of ParaSwap. Additionally,  Cobo's DeFi management tool, Cobo Argus, will now have in-app direct access to the ParaSwap aggregator.

PSP Token Support

PSP tokens are now compatible across all Cobo custody solutions. Users and investors may now store and manage their PSP tokens, with full confidence in security and accessibility. In addition, users may also store PSP tokens on Cobo Wallet - a wallet for individual crypto enthusiasts, designed to be user-friendly along with sophisticated security mechanisms.

This strategic alliance draws on each partner's strengths to realize the full potential of reaching the vast global crypto community.

Cobo Argus bot Integrates with ParaSwap Aggregator

In a move to further optimize trading for DeFi users, Cobo‘s advanced DeFi management tool, Cobo Argus, has officially integrated with ParaSwap as well.

ParaSwap is a leading DeFi aggregator that provides users with efficient, low-cost asset swap by finding the best prices across multiple liquidity pools.The collaboration establishes ParaSwap aggregator as a default choice within Cobo Argus's Claiming bot. By identifying optimal prices across various liquidity pools, ParaSwap guarantees that Cobo Argus's bot consistently conducts swaps at the most advantageous market rates, minimizing slippage. By directly integrating ParaSwap into Cobo Argus's framework, users can trust that every phase, including reward claiming, position withdrawal and rebalancing, occurs in real-time at the best rates available across DEX pools.

Cobo will remain committed to innovation in digital assets, providing users with the highest standards in compliance, security, and accessibility.

About Paraswap

Established in 2019, ParaSwap stands as a prominent DeFi aggregator within the cryptocurrency industry. It merges the liquidity from lending protocols and decentralized exchanges (DEXs) to deliver elevated liquidity and swift transactions for traders and decentralized applications (dApps). This is achieved through the utilization of robust APIs, sophisticated charts, compatibility with multiple blockchains, on-chain Request for Quote (RFQ), a yield optimizer, and thorough independent audits of smart contracts. Currently, the ParaSwap protocol extends its support to BNB Chain, Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, Polygon, and Avalanche.

Learn more about Paraswap Aggregator by visiting or reading the developer documentation at

About Cobo Argus

Cobo Argus is an institutional-grade on-chain digital asset management solution. Built on top of Safe{Wallet} (previously Gnosis Safe), Cobo Argus provides unparalleled security, workflow efficiency, and risk management for interacting with DeFi protocols. Cobo Argus offers a comprehensive suite of powerful features including multi-signature security, on-chain role-based access controls, granular permissions at function and parameter levels, advanced DeFi bots, single-signature authorizations, automated risk monitoring, and more. Cobo Argus supports all open-source DeFi protocols on compatible blockchains. Learn more: