Cobo To Enforce BitKeep’s Security Through Custodial Solutions

Singapore, 21 October 2022 - Cobo, Asia Pacific’s largest digital asset custodian and blockchain technology provider, is assisting BitKeep, a decentralized multi-chain crypto wallet, to enforce the latter’s security through Cobo’s custodial technology.

After BitKeep’s recent hack, the team swiftly contained the crisis and assured full compensation to affected users. In line with its efforts to enhance its security posture, the BitKeep team approached top blockchain security teams like Cobo and SlowMist through the “BitKeep Security Upgrade Initiative”.

Cobo, along with SlowMist, will be spearheading the ‘BitKeep Security Upgrade Initiative’. As part of this Initiative, the task force from these three companies will work together to conduct in-depth and comprehensive audits, along with security upgrades for BitKeep products.

About Cobo

Cobo is Asia Pacific’s largest digital asset custodian and blockchain technology provider, based in Singapore. Trusted by over 500 institutions and HNWIs to grow and protect their crypto assets, the company focuses on building scalable infrastructure and powering the Web 3.0 revolution around the world. As a strong blockchain and DeFi infrastructure builder, Cobo provides SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products such as WaaS (Wallet-as-a-Service), DaaS (DeFi-as-a-service), NaaS (NFT-as-a-Service), and Argus (The Smart Contract Based Custody).

About BitKeep

BitKeep is the single largest Web3.0 multi-chain crypto wallet in Asia. Thanks to its safety, ease of use, and rich assets, it is a long-favoured solution for more than 6 million global users in 168 countries. BitKeep has forged strategic partnerships with the world’s top 30 Mainnets such as Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and BNB Chain, becoming their authorized wallet. BitKeep integrates5 major modules of “Wallet”, “Swap”, “NFT Market”, “DApp” and “Discover”, BitKeep supports 70+ Mainnets, 15,000+ DApp, 1,000,000+ NFT and 250,000+ tokens. It also boasts popular features including DEX chart, InstantGas Swap, and NFT Trading Dividends. It’s the vision of BitKeep to provide the safest and most convenient one-stop service for global crypto investors.

About SlowMist

SlowMist is a blockchain security firm established in January 2018. The firm was started by a team with over ten years of network security experience to become a global force. Its goal is to make the blockchain ecosystem as secure as possible for everyone. The firm is now a renowned international blockchain security firm that has worked on various well-known projects.