Dev Environment Cobo Guard Migration Announcement

Dear Cobo Custody Customers,

In our ongoing commitment to providing the best of service to our clients, we would like to inform you of the upcoming migration of Cobo Guard (Dev Environment) to Cobo Guard (Prod Environment). This migration will take place on February 7, 2024. This will also mark the discontinuation of Cobo Guard (Dev Environment). All Cobo Guard messages will be directed to Cobo Guard (Prod Environment).

To ensure a seamless transition, and minimal disruption to your business operations, we kindly request all users of Cobo Guard (Dev Environment) to prepare for this migration in advance. Please follow the steps listed below for successful migration:

1. On your iPhone device, download the Cobo Guard (Prod Environment) App from the APP STORE.
2. Login to your Cobo Custody Web Account (Dev Environment) to unbind your Cobo Guard (Dev Environment). Settings -> Me -> Under Cobo Guard Edit.
3. Rebind your Cobo Guard with the Cobo Guard (Prod Environment) App.

Important Note: After migration, the Cobo Guard (Prod Environment) will receive messages from your Cobo Custody Accounts (Prod Environment & Dev Environment).

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Cobo Support
January 22, 2024