How to receive coins?

Send/Receive Wallets

Click the "Receive" button to view a list of receiving addresses for the currently selected coin within the send/receive wallet. If you need to add a new receiving address for the coin, simply click on the "+Add Address" button.

To add a new coin to the current send/receive wallet, click the “+Add Coin” button. In cases where the coin lacks a universal receiving address, the system will generate a default receiving address. However, if there is a universal receiving address (e.g., coins on EVM-compatible chains sharing the same address), all addresses will be displayed.

Note: When adding a receiving address for a specific coin, if it is a universal address, it will be automatically added to other applicable coins that have already been added to your send/receive wallets.

Web3 Wallet

Click the “+Create Address” button, select a specific network, and enter an address label to create the address. If you need to create addresses in bulk on the selected network, tick “Batch Generate”.

All addresses created under the selected Web3 wallet can be viewed under the ''Addresses'' tab. Key information for each address will be displayed, including the network type, custom label, creation time and more. To edit an address, click ''Edit'' to modify relevant parameters.